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Specialty Paint Arrestors

Paint arrestors are the most varied and expansive group in the Chemco family of products.  Over the last 45 years we have developed the largest selection of weights, thicknesses, densities, sizes and constructions available to industry. We continue to offer the right product at the right price, with new products being developed everyday.  From custom cut blankets to standard size pads, special care is taken in proper product selection to insure providing a tailored filtering system with respect for all variables present in your finishing environment.

specialty paint arrestors

Expanded Paper Filter

Chemco’s PMM paint arrestor is a 6 paper layer honeycomb design. Often used as a pre-filter or used in tandem to increase efficiency. Efficiency rate not in tandem is 97.33%.

expanded paper poly back

Expanded Paper Filter with Poly Back

Chemco’s PS2 adds efficiency to the PMM technology by bonding it to a non-woven high efficiency polyester backing. PS2 provides longevity and steady airflow but with far superior arrestance efficiency. 99.37% efficiency rating.

accordion style cardboard

Accordion Style Cardboard Filter

Industry classic. Chemco offers a fill line of Accordion Style Cardboard filters. 98.17% efficiency rating.

accordion style cardboard

Accordion Style Cardboard with Poly Back

The Accordion filter with the poly backing is designed for higher efficiency. 98.61% efficiency rating.


Replaces all older Styrofoam baffle filter technology. The filter is made up of 100% polystyrene which completely dissolves in most waste thinner. Compact and stackable for minimum freight charges. Will outperform most Styrofoam paint arrestors on the market.