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Expanded Paper & Specialty Paint Arrestors

Paint arrestors are the most varied and expansive group in the Chemco family of products.  Over the last 45 years we have developed the largest selection of weights, thicknesses, densities, sizes and constructions available to industry. We continue to offer the right product at the right price, with new products being developed everyday.  From custom cut blankets to standard size pads, special care is taken in proper product selection to insure providing a tailored filtering system with respect for all variables present in your finishing environment.

Expanded Paper Paint Arrestors

Air Flow Technology’s combination baffle/strainer-type overspray collector filters are constructed of layers of slit and expanded kraft with an optional final layer of duo-density synthetic polyester backing to maximize efficiency and strength. The front layers of this collector employ larger baffle openings followed with layers of progressively smaller “diamond” design and an optional final back layer of dense non-woven polyester. This filter design allows AFT to provide products that address the filtration goals of your specific application. Testing on your specific paint can be arranged to assist in environmental evaluation of filter performance and permitting.

Features & Benefits

  • Layers of slit and expanded kraft with multistage designed baffle openings. Supra® products incorporate a final layer of nonwoven polyester for additional efficiency and filter service life.
  • Broad offering of products to provide optimum filtration for a wide range of coatings and applications
  • Extended service life for fewer change-outs
  • Ease of handling, installation and disposal
  • Available in rolls and cut pads for easy installation
  • Mini-Mesh (MM) final layer adds to the graduated density designed into the product

Standard & Standard Mini Mesh

Air Flow Technology’s baffle-type Standard Mini-Mesh Collector is comprised of up to seven layers of kraft media, each slit and expanded into a mesh with baffle-like surfaces. These baffled layers form a multistage collection design which creates the action necessary for superior depth-loading characteristics. The layers with the larger baffled openings are positioned at the front of the collector. As the exhaust air passes through the collector, these larger front baffles cause the initial turbulence and surface contact removing the larger overspray particulates. The final layers incorporate smaller baffled openings which efficiently trap the vast percentage of the remaining particulates. With this configuration, the Standard and Standard Mini-Mesh Collector provide high efficiency as well as good holding capacity. These collectors are designed for general application with a wide variety of coatings ranging from lacquers to bake-dry enamels and is particularly suitable for use wherever conventional coatings are being sprayed.

SUPRA II Mini Mesh

The Supra ll Mini-Mesh Collector also employs both baffle and strainer principles and performs with high efficiency and excellent holding capacity. The Supra ll Mini-Mesh Collector also has five layers of slit and expanded kraft media with multistage designed baffle openings and one synthetic layer. The Supra ll’s final synthetic layer is less dense than the Supra l’s but still provides high efficiency collection for a wider range of coatings. The Supra ll Mini-Mesh Collector is recommended for the same type of situations as Supra l. This media will, however, have a longer service life when used with coatings that have slightly drier overspray.

accordion style cardboard

Accordion Style Cardboard Filter

Industry classic. Chemco offers a fill line of Accordion Style Cardboard filters. 98.17% efficiency rating.

accordion style cardboard

Accordion Style Cardboard with Poly Back

The Accordion filter with the poly backing is designed for higher efficiency. 98.61% efficiency rating.


Replaces all older Styrofoam baffle filter technology. The filter is made up of 100% polystyrene which completely dissolves in most waste thinner. Compact and stackable for minimum freight charges. Will outperform most Styrofoam paint arrestors on the market.