Removable Spray Booth Coatings

No other company has a larger selection of strippable coatings than Chemco.  Whether your requirements are for white or clear, fast dry or slow dry, dry touch or tacky touch, washable or strippable, or for a product that will withstand the repeated high temperatures of spray bake booths, we have what you need. 

Available in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.

030-bs premium coating

030-BS White Premium Plus Protective Coating

030-BS White Premium Plus is the highest quality water based formula available in the world and it is by far the easiest to remove of any strippable coating in the marketplace today. It can be applied to the widest range of surfaces. The 030-BS White Premium Plus has a temperature resistance of over 150 degrees Celcius. 

030-e white

030-E White Economy

Chemco’s 030-E is our economy grade low cost offering of a water based peelable booth coat. Chemco’s most versatile booth coating option.

030-HTC Clear High Temperature

030-HTC Clear High Temperature

Chemco’s 030-HTC is our strippable coatings for the automotive industry. They feature the same benefits as our 030-CL, but with a temperature resistance of 225 degrees Celcius.

030-CL Clear

030-CL Clear

Our 030-CL is the premier clear water-based booth coating for spray booth operators . This safe, non hazardous formula dries to a clear finish for windows, lights, and pre-coated booths.