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Intake Filters

Proper selection of Paint Booth Air Intake Filters for enclosed paint and powder coating booths requiring a dust free environment can go a long way in preventing product rejects.  Whether your requirement is for roll media or cut pads, flat media or extended surface, un-constructed or self supporting, tacky or dry texture, Chemco has the type or size in-stock for immediate delivery.  Special sizes are never a problem and are welcomed.

intake filter

AFR-1 Diffusion Media

Series AFR-1 media is a scrim backed high quality intake filter used in air makeup units for spray booths. Constructed of 100% polyester filter media with an impregnated tackifier. Popular in applications where dust control is an important concern. Boasts efficiency levels greater than 95% on particles 7-10 microns and greater.

ff560 filter

FF-560 GX Premium Diffusion Media

Series FF-560 GX media is specially designed as a premium intake filter media used in air makeup units for spray booths. Yields a high dust loading capacity, longer filter life and premium grade fractional efficiency. FF-560 GX is heat resistant and has a special tackifier which increases its performance in spray booths. Efficiency levels are rated at 99%+.

pafif filter

PAFIF – Polyester w/Internal Wire Frame Filter

Self supported tackified polyester intake filter also know as Series 65 is designed for a velocity of up to 400 FPM. Unaffected by humidity, this intake filter has a low initial resistance which allows it to not shut down airflow upon installation. (All sizes are available in 1” economy or 1” dry option.)

pafif filter 2

PAFIFE – Tacky Intake Filter

Self supported tackified polyester intake filter, designed for crossdraft intake air filtration in Paint Spray Booths in the automotive and industrial finishing markets. Consists of 2 distinct layers of media combined with a non-migrating tackifier resulting in more than 75% filtration efficiency on particles 10 microns and greater. 

Any Pleated Filter Needs

If you’re interested in purchasing any pleated filters Chemco offers, contact us for more information.