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Floor Coverings

Chemco has the largest selection flame retardant floor covering types and sizes for every application.  Whether you change every shift and want economy or you change every year and want durability, we have what you need.  Whether you are painting fishing lures or cargo planes, we have what you need.  No order is too big or too small.

high strength floor paper

High Strength

Chemco’s strongest surface protection stands up to the heaviest machinery and foot traffic. Its unique, non-porous design prevents penetration to the substrate beneath. Popular with government and military operations, this exclusive Chemco tear-resistant product is highly durable. Color: White.

blue floor covering

Blue Diamond Floor Covering

Chemco offers the paint industry’s newest flame retardant, reusable spray booth floor covering. Chemically resistant and an excellent floor protection for all paint coating environments. The diamond pattern provides a no slip foot traction and is durable under heavy weight machinery.

white retardant paper

100# White Flame Retardant Floor Paper

Our best selling surface protection is as tough as it is popular. 100# paper weight ensures durability and absorption even under constant operator traffic. Its bright white color promotes booth illumination. The 100# white is conveniently marked with its flame retardant rating for fast easy compliance with inspectors. Available in a wide array of sizes and it works well on all spray booths.

80 white flame retardant paper

80# White Flame Retardant Floor Paper

Chemco’s highly efficient, white 80# surface protection is ideal for light spray operations.