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Fiberglass Paint Arrestors

Fiberglass Paint arrestors are the most varied and expansive group in the Chemco family of products.  Over the last 45 years we have developed the largest selection of weights, thicknesses, densities, sizes and constructions available to industry. We continue to offer the right product at the right price, with new products being developed everyday.  From custom cut blankets to standard size pads, special care is taken in proper product selection to insure providing a tailored filtering system with respect for all variables present in your finishing environment. 

slim fiberglass filter

Slim Fiberglass

DISCONTINUED Recommended Alternative: DUO

Mostly used for government and military installations. 1” orange/white thick all-purpose economy paint arrestor filter. 98.75% efficiency rating

t12 fiberglass filter

T-12 Fiberglass

DISCONTINUED Recommended Alternative: DUO

Bright yellow, highly visible color provides added spray booth illumination while maintaining optimal air flow. 2” filter pad. 98.3% efficiency rating.

duo fiberglass filter

Duo Pad Fiberglass

DUO PAD is one of the most popular in US. Features progressive density construction that meets the needs of the widest variety of finishing applications. 2” thick white/green. 98.21% efficiency rating.

mono fiberglass filter

Mono Fiberglass

DISCONTINUED Recommended Alternative: PD

2nd most popular. Designed with wood workers and heavy coating applications in mind. 2” thick white filter pad. 98.66% efficiency rating.

pd fiberglass filter

PD Fiberglass

Beefier version of the popular Duo Pad. 2” green top filter. Progressive density construction. Meets wide variety of needs for finishing applications. 98.95% efficiency rating.

gpf ultra filters

GPF Ultra Fiberglass

Ultra-high efficiency filter at a competitive cost. Can either stand alone or pre-filter. 1 5/8” thick filter green/yellow. High paint holding capacity. 99.43% efficiency rating.

fmp 18 fiberglass filter

FMP18 Fiberglass

Features a unique micro-filament fiber structure. Open weave design promotes depth loading. Contains 33% more fiber strands than standard fiberglass. 2.5” yellow colored filter. 99.07% efficiency rating.

t22yx fiberglass filter

T-22YX Fiberglass

2.5” thick filter. Widely used in automotive down draft applications. Features 50% more surface area than standard paint arrestors. White/yellow in color. 99.03% efficiency rating. 

hs2 fiberglass filter

HS-2 Fiberglass

DISCONTINUED Recommended Alternative: VA7

Open face layered fiberglass media with polyester backing – economical choice for finer particulate capture found in quick dry and powder coating applications. 99.35% efficiency rating.

maxguard fiberglass filter

MaxGuard Fiberglass

DISCONTINUED Recommended Alternative: VA7

One of the best overspray collectors available! Features two layers of fiberglass protection with poly backing. 99.10% efficiency rating.

VA-7 Fiberglass

VA7 is a 3″ thick, green fiberglass filter with a polyester backing. It’s a perfect single-stage overspray collector for dry and dusty types of coatings. High removal efficiency and holding capacity. 

ppe fiberglass filter

PPE Fiberglass

The Purple Paint Extractor (PPE). Designed and engineered for Chemco automotive and industrial operations. Features a multi-layered system with a high efficiency resin backing. Cost effective alternative to the Paint Pocket®. 99.59% efficiency rating.