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New Cartridge Seasoning Procedure – Powder Booth


New Cartridge Seasoning

The following steps describe procedures for seasoning new cartridges filters. These steps must be followed whenever a new color module with new filters is installed in the system, or if one or more new cartridges are installed in an existing color module.

Failure to properly season new cartridges can result in early clogging of the filter media (blinding) and loss of use.

NOTE: At this point in a new system startup, you MUST season new cartridges. This procedure may require anywhere from one to two hours for Powder Grid Filter (one to seven for standard cellulose media filters) and should not be hurried.

  1. Remove the final filters.
  2. Open the seasoning slide dampers on the face of the fan section.
  3. Load virgin powder into the feed hopper.
  4. Turn ON an adjust the feed hopper fluidizing air regulator to approximately 8 psi. Allow adequate time for the powder to become uniformly fluidized. Look for slight bubbling at the surface, without geysering (erupting clouds of powder).
  5. Turn on your master control unit, then each automatic gun control unit’s main switch. DO NOT turn on electrostatic power to the guns.
  6. Start a light flow of powder through the feed hoses by adjusting the flow rate and atomizing air regulators on each gun control unit. Suggested initial pressure settings for corona guns are 15 psi for both atomizing and flow rate air.
  7. Adjust the color module fluidizing air regulators to 10 psi. Allow powder to accumulate in the color module hoppers to a few inches depth. Readjust the regulators until the powder “boils” slightly (bubbles present at surface).
  8. Start the powder sieves (if used).
    1. Vibratory sieves: Adjust the sieve air regulator to 50 psi to start the pneumatic vibrator motor. Raise or lower the pressure as necessary to just maintain the flow of powder through the screen into the feed hopper.
  9. Turn ON the transfer pumps, typically by turning the control panel selector switch to the “MANUAL” position. Adjust the transfer pump air regulators to 15 psi.
  10. Pulse air controls, consisting of regulator, gate valve, and gauge, are located inside the fan section, behind the left slide damper. Adjust the pulse valve regulator to 20 psi. You will hear the pulse valves open and blow down the cartridges about every 15 seconds.
  11. Continue to take velometer reading until the face velocity through the openings again reaches ½ of the recorded initial values.
  12. Adjust the pulse valve regulator to 40 psi, after filter differential pressure reaches 2.5.
  13. Adjust the pulse valve regulator to 50-60 psi. Watch the pulse valve air gauge, listen for a pulse, and then adjust the gate valve until the pressure builds back up to 50-60 psi just before the next pulse. (This will prevent starving the powder pumps of air during pulses).
  14. Check for powder leaks by observing the air flow from the fan section or by shutting off the fan and powder pumps and looking for powder on the fan blades and inside of the face section.

NOTE: Correct powder leaks before proceeding.

  1. Reinstall the final filters if no leaks are detected.
  2. Make sure the face velocity at the canopy openings is 100 FPM, or the value specified for your system.