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Disposing of Spun-Woven Overspray Collectors


A general misconception about spun-woven media is that it is harder and more costly to dispose of than other medias. This is not true, spun-woven media can be easily disposed of in two ways:

LANDFILL: Landfill disposal of paint laden overspray filters is allowed by almost all State EPA’s. If a landfill is accepting paint waste on any other type of filter media, they will also accept Chemco’s spun-woven media. The determining factor is the type of paint, not the type of filter media. State and local EPA regulations should be checked and followed. Since most wet paint is considered hazardous waste (regardless of what media it is contained in), it is necessary that the paint in the overspray collector be allowed to dry before disposal. With Chemco’s overspray collectors, this process can be accelerated by placing them in a bake oven. After drying, the waste should be tested by an independent source to determine if hazardous and disposed accordingly.

INCINERATION: Spun-woven media will melt when burned in most municipal incinerators at 1200°F or more. Only a charred residue will remain from the paint. Professional waste haulers usually have an industrial incinerator or utilize a municipal incinerator.

When air-dry paint is used, spun-woven Overspray collectors can be placed in plastic bags to prevent oxygen penetration and eliminate any risk of spontaneous combustion. Standard disposal methods can then be followed.

Chemco has letters from most State EPA’s confirming that the type of media is not the controlling factor of disposal, the controlling factor is the type of paint or coating on the media.

Please contact Chemco for an available State EPA Disposal letter on spun-woven media,

          TOLL FREE 1-800-323-0431.