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Chemco’s Quick Lock Track System


Chemco’s Quick Lock holding tracks are made of extruded aluminum plastic with predrilled holes that allow users to hang and support precut blankets over their spray booth filter banks without damaging the media. These 5’ long, strips come complete with sheet metal screws, are easily installed in minutes, and are just a one-time purchase.

We recommend attaching the tracks to the top of the filter bank only (not top and bottom) and let the blankets hang like curtains in front of the filter bank. Remember to fold over the top 2” to 3” of the blanket media before inserting it into the track slot to ensure that the media does not prematurely fall out as the pre-filters get heavier with overspray.

Use of Chemco’s Quick Lock Tracks Enable Spray Booth Operators to:

  1. Convert from 20”x 20” pads to blanket media to reduce downtime due for quicker change out, and to eliminate any gaps in the system you may get when installing 20”x 20” pads too quickly or carelessly.
  2. Upgrade to dual-filtration exhaust system to eliminate bypass of overspray – by adding pre-filters in blanket form, users can greatly add to the filtering efficiency levels (increase from 98.3% to 99.996%).
  3. Reduce filter costs as the use of pre-filter blankets typically result in triple or quadruple the service life you normally get with the 20”x 20” pads when used as a stand-alone filter.

Please contact Chemco if you have any other needs or questions after reviewing this information at 1-(800)-323-0431.