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Chemco Cartridges for Dust Collection


Regardless of the nature of your dust collection application, Chemco has the answer for all of your cartridge filtration needs. No matter what the dust load volume, micron size or shape of the dust may be; whether the dust is flammable, abrasive, hygroscopic, or agglomerating; whether the air is being returned to the plant or exhausted outside of the  the building; Chemco has the solution to your dust pollution needs. 

Chemco Media Styles

80/20 (PP) Paper-Poly Blend Dust Cartridges

Chemco’s standard 80/20 blend (PP) dust cartridges offer high efficiency, durability and performance appropriate for a wide variety of dust applications, including blast booths, carbon black, pharmaceutical, powder-coating and dry chemical processing. Pleat spacing can be widened for applications where larger or irregularly shaped dust particles enter the collector, such as fiberglass & composite grinding and tobacco processing. Tomato cage supports can be used instead of outer screens for coarse wood sanding, chaffe-tolerant grain handling, and some buffing applications

Flame-Retardant 80/20 (DF) Dust Cartridges

Chemco builds flame-retardant 80/20 blend (DF) dust cartridges for applications where sparks or flammable dust can enter the dust collector, such as welding, plasma cutting, flame-cutting, laser, metallizing and ferrous metal grinding. As is the case with our regular 80/20 cartridges, flame-retardant filters can be made with wider pleat spacing as well, for applications like coarse grinding or ferrous metals.

Nanofiber (NP) Dust Cartridges

Chemco’s new MERV 15 rated, “Nano-fiber” (NP) cartridge filter technology sets a new standard in fractional efficiency and extended service life for cartridge filtration. Offering near PTFE-membrane performance characteristics at only one-third the cost, Chemco’s Nano-fiber cartridge filters are the ideal choice for applications such as FDA-compliant or clean room environments where high efficiency is required, as well as those where heavy dust loading, hazardous dust or challenging conditions typically result in cartridge blinding and shorter service life.

Nano-fiber media also outperforms in applications that can produce soot or unburned hydrocarbons, such as welding or metallizing. And, as is the case with our 80/20 blend dust cartridges, Nano-fiber is also offered in a flame-retardant (NF) version for applications where sparks or flammable dusts are possible.

The benefits of our Nano-fiber media to the End User include :

More Efficient than the Competition

  1. MERV 15 rating per ASHRAE 52.2 test method
  2. Reduced emissions
  3. Less dust circulated back into the workplace
  4. Longer service life for final filters

   Pressure drop—Stabilizes lower than Other Media

  1. Fewer pulses required
  2. Less compressed air needed
  3. Lower compressor HP
  4. Lower electricity costs

   Longer Service Life = Lower Overall Cost

  1. Fewer changeouts required
  2. Reduced need for on-site storage
  3. Lower disposal costs
  4. No need for frequent filter cleaning or recycling

Spun-bond Polyester (PC) Dust Cartridges

Chemco’s 100% spun-bond polyester (PC) media is a higher efficiency, “surface-loading” filter media featuring wider pleat-spacing than all depth-loading filters, resulting in enhanced cleaning capability during back purging cycles and lower pressure drop. Our spun-bond polyester cartridges can be pulsed cleaned at lower PSI, saving on compressed air and energy costs. Unlike filters made with cellulose media, spun-bond polyester filters can be washed & reused with soap & water, do not require outer screen support & do not lint.

Chemco’s 100%spun-bond polyester dust cartridges are ideal for any applications where abrasion-resistant or high-strength media is required. Paper, cardboard, cement, cocoa, coffee, aluminum oxide and rubber grinding dust applications are ideal for this media style.

Spun-bond Polyester (KC) Dust Cartridges with Dimple Pleating

Unlike most cartridge manufacturers, Chemco is one of the few sources in the dust collection market that offer the 100% spun-bond polyester (KC) media with the advanced “dual-dimple” pleat design. This superior pleating technology substantially improves the overall performance and service life of spun-bond polyester media, even under heavy dust loading. By imparting the dual (opposing) dimples down the length of each individual pleat, uniform pleat spacing and full utilization of filter surface area is guaranteed, resulting in optimal cleaning capability of back purging cycles and lower pressure drop.

Treated Polyester & Synthetic media Dust Cartridges

For applications requiring high strength media and superior dust release characteristics (i.e., cement, cardboard, paper, carbon black, and some rubber grinding) we offer spun-bond polyester media options with either hydro/oleo-phobic treatment (KW) for moisture & oil resistance, as well as aluminized (KL) finishes for static dissipation.

For applications where moisture is an issue or those with larger particles, agglomerative or hygroscopic dusts, such as salt, sugar, clay, cocoa, coffee, detergents, milk powder, and stearates; synthetic media (SP) is available in a 90/10 polyester/fiberglass blend.

For high temperature applications  we offer a high efficiency, proprietary blend of 10 oz. Nomex.

PTFE (PT) Membrane Cartridges

Finally, for higher efficiency applications such as food, asbestos, pesticides, fluidized bed dryers and agglomerating materials, PTFE membrane-laminated (PT) cartridges are also available.

Chemco’s top of the line PTFE-laminated powder cartridges offer the best filtration technology money can buy. Our expanded PTFE (PT) is laminated over a 100% spun-bond polyester substrate which providing lower surface resistance and better release properties than any other filter in the dust collection industry today. Its slick and microporous surface offers 100% efficiency at 1 micron and above, does not require seasoning, and is the optimum choice for ultra-fines, high moisture or humid environments. The PTFE membrane is also the favorite choice of the automotive and appliance industries where nothing but the finest quality finish will do.

Also available :

–Stainless steel construction for use in food & drug grade or chemically corrosive applications

Variable pleat count and depth

Precoated or carbon-impregnated treatments upon request

Other media, special endcaps and custom sizes to meet specific needs of any application

Polyisoprene, neoprene or silicone gaskets

–Proprietary OEM designs


Chemco manufactures custom designs, as well as replacement cartridges and upgrades for the following OEMs and more…

AAF AirFlow Systems Binks Sames
Blastec          Camfil-Far Colmet   
Deimco Donaldson  Global Finishing
Hoffman Iontech  ITW/Gema
MAC Micro Air Nordson
Pangborn Ramco Torit

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